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Info Dump [24 Apr 2006|11:14pm]

Yet another anonymous person posted in the Comments section of my previous entry that they'd read speculation at Haven that the 2005 Spookys had been called off, since no one had posted any updates there. I responded that I don't frequent Haven, and relied on others who do to disseminate information there. Someone else (maybe?) anonymously replied:

It seems to me that if you are in charge of this project that it would be a responsibility to visit Haven


The Spooky Awards are given to stories posted at the alt.tv.x-files.creative newsgroup. Technically, that's the only place anybody running the awards should feel obligated to post any information or announcements. The fact that ATXC isn't the gathering place for the fandom that it used to be doesn't really matter; stories still have to be posted there to be eligible for the awards.

There really isn't a single gathering place for the fandom as a whole anymore. A segment gathers at Haven, a segment gathers at Fandomonium, there are smaller segments gathering at other message boards for other areas of the fandom. A large segment of the fandom doesn't participate at all except via mailing lists.

As Pattie pointed out in a signed reply (thanks, Pattie!), the Committee and I post updates to ATXC when we have updates to post. And, since alice set it up, I try to post here. And I always encourage people to pass information along. But I guess I need to say it officially/formally: check here and on ATXC for any and all updates and new information, and feel free to pass it along anywhere else you gather.

As always, feel free to email me directly with questions (spookys2005@earthlink.net), or post a comment here. You can continue to post anonymously if you want, since that's how alice set it up and I'm not inclined to change it; just know that it's easier for me to relate to people when I know who I'm talking to.


Two words... it's alive! [13 Mar 2006|07:49am]

Yes, to quote the late Robert Patrick Modell, it's alive.

Due to recent life events and the shell-shock associated therewith, I've been largely, um, in a cave for the last little while. I do apologize for my absence, and for the somewhat snarky tone of my last post here.

To address some recent questions: The text on the 2005 Spookys website hasn't been updated in a long time, so anything that's said there about the schedule being like last year's isn't accurate. We're working on the schedule for this year's nominating and voting process.

I'll try to post an actual update tonight after work; I'm just sneaking this in while my hair's drying.

As always, feel free to comment here or email me directly.


Update [01 Feb 2006|12:08am]

Recent anonymous commenters to my last update were looking for "signs of life." Since they obviously didn't know that my mother died last week, I'll forgive them for their seeming insensitivity if they'll forgive me for not updating while she was in the hospital.

The Committee is hard at work, attempting to make this year's nominating and voting process smoother and more timely. (Kudos especially to Ursula for keeping things going.) Watch for another update soon.

If anyone has any questions, complaints, gripes, etc., please feel free to comment here or e-mail me at spookys2005-at-earthlink-dot-net.


'Bout damn time! [22 Dec 2005|12:55am]

Finally! I've just spent nearly two whole weeks without a computer! (Except at work, of course, but I try not to do personal stuff at work... no, really!) That's why there've been no posts or updates or reminders or anything from me lately. So, to make up for lost time...

Don't forget that the deadline for posting your stories to the ATXC newsgroup is Saturday, December 31st, at midnight eastern US time. You have until January 15th, 2006, to submit your stories, but the posting deadline is firm!

If you don't know how to get your stories to ATXC, check out the Rules at the 2005 Spookys site. And please, feel free to spread the word -- I haven't restored my newsreader access yet.

Lara Means

Spookys 2005: The 10th (almost) Annual Awards! [15 Nov 2005|12:28am]

Hard to believe, isn't it? The 2005 Spooky Awards will be the 10th time they've been awarded! (The Spookys began in 1995 and have been awarded annually except for 1997. That's why this is the 10th time, not the 11th time.)

Anyway... Hi, I'm Lara Means, and I'll be the Coordinator of the Spooky Awards for 2005!

It's now a little more than six weeks until the 12/31/05 deadline for posting your stories to the alt.tv.xfiles.creative newsgroup so they'll be eligible for this year's Spookys. You actually have until 1/15/06 to submit your stories to the Spooky Awards site, but the posting deadline is FIRM!

So this is a reminder to make sure you do that! If you have questions about how to get your stories to atxc or how to submit them to the Spookys, go to http://2005.spookyawards.org and click on Rules, FAQ or Submit; if you still have questions after that, click on Contact.

Also... I'm in need of HELP!!! in running this thing. Right now, I could use a few good people to serve on the Committee to help iron out a few things that came up last year, and one or two website guru-types to help with that. (alice ttlg will continue to host the Spookys website and maintain the auto-archive system, but I'm a total idiot with the rest of it. If you're not, I *need* you!) If you're interested, post a comment here or email me at spookys2005-at-earthlink-dot-net and we'll talk!

Please forward or copy this post to any other mailing list or message board you frequent -- help spread the word! Thanks!

Lara Means, Coordinator
2005 Spooky Awards

2004 Winners Posted [18 Oct 2005|09:41pm]

The 2004 winners list has been posted on the site:


I changed computers recently and don't have the graphics set up yet so there's no banners yet but I'll try to get those up in the next week or so.

Final Voting starts tomorrow [06 Sep 2005|09:55pm]

Final voting starts tomorrow, Wednesday night at midnight, US central time 9/7/05 and will remain open until Sunday 11:59 pm US Central time, 9/18/05. Amongst other things, my server was acting up the last few days and I wanted to make sure it was back to normal before starting voting.

Select Nominations are open! [23 Jun 2005|11:01pm]

Select nominations have begun and will stay open until 11:59 pm Monday July 4, 2005. Visit the Voting Booth and nominate stories to go on to the Final Voting round.

Firm start date for Select Nominations [20 Jun 2005|11:23pm]

While I think I'll have the coding done tomorrow, just in case and so I don't keep one more daying everyone, I'm moving the start date of the Select Nominations back to 12:01 am June 24st, that's Thursday night/Friday morning. Select Nominations will end at 11:59 pm July 2nd. And the good news is that once this is done, it'll be much less prep work for the Final Voting since I just have to remove stories from the existing forms.

Small delay in start of Select Nominations [19 Jun 2005|11:12pm]

One more small delay, yes I know, it IS just as frustrating for me as it is for you. Select Nominations will begin at 12:01 am June 21st and will last until 11:59 pm June 27th. I'm down to the last little bit of coding but I had to take a break for father's day.

SLIGHT CHANGE IN START DATE FOR the Select Nominations [14 Jun 2005|09:24pm]

Select Nominations will begin at 12:01 am June 20th and will last until 11:59 pm June 26th. My apologies for the further delay but I have to go out of town for work and I'll have no net access at all, I didn't want to start the voting and have something go wrong with me completely out of touch.

Select Nominations will begin June 17th [12 Jun 2005|09:36pm]

Select Nominations will begin at 12:01 am June 17th and will last until 11:59 pm June 24th. Final Voting will begin about a week or so after Select Nominations end.

Update on start of Select Nominations [31 May 2005|12:35am]

We're almost done with the Open Nominations and Select Nominations should be starting this weekend, June 4th or 5th.

Thanks for you patience and thanks very much to the volunteers for all their hard work!

alice ttlg
Spookys Coordinator

Open Nominations are over! [04 May 2005|09:56pm]

Select Nominations will begin about May 25th and will last for one week. Then Final Voting will begin about a week after Select Nominations end. Right now, we're in the process of verifying all the nominations (over 1,800 of them!), as we get closer to finishing that, we'll put definite dates on the site and here on the Spookys LJ.

Error in start date for nominations [27 Apr 2005|07:54am]

PLEASE NOTE: The nominations will begin tonight at 12:01 am Thursday, April 28, 2005, US eastern time! There was an error in the announcement that gave the wrong starting date. Huge apologies from alice ttlg for that mistake.

2004 Spookys Open Nominations! & Volunteers needed! [25 Apr 2005|09:30pm]

Open Nominations for the 2004 Spooky Awards begin WEDNESDAY, April 27th! You can start voting at 12:01 a.m. Eastern time.

Go here to read the eligible stories:
and in the Indexes or Search Results, there's a link for each story, "NOMINATE THIS STORY", just click on that to go to the nomination form for that story.

You can nominate as many stories as you want in this round! Authors - please nominate your stories in all the categories you think are appropriate and readers too, you may find a category that the author has missed.

Voting in the Open Nominations phase will end at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesday, May 4th -- so you have eight days to read and vote! Get to it!

FYI, the "NOMINATE" links won't appear before voting begins, and they'll disappear after voting ends so if you don't see that link, then nominations haven't begun yet or they've already ended. Plus there will be a countdown on the 2004 Spookys home page as well.

Selective Nominations will begin approximately two weeks after Open Nominations have closed, specific dates will be announced prior to the start of Selective Nominations.

We need volunteers! You can be a part of the voting process by joining the Volunteers list here:


It's not terribly hard work, it's helping with the nomination process to verify that stories fit the categories they're nominated in, for example, an AU where Mulder and Scully are comedians nominated in the Investigation genre or an MSR story nominated in the Mulder/Krycek slash category and there's no mention at all of Krycek. You don't have to read every story in full, mainly it's just skimming them to make sure they fit - of course this can also be a fun way to read more of the stories too!

If you have an aversion to a specific type of story, we'll work around it as much as possible and you'll earn our undying gratitude as well as get your name on the Spookys Webpage of Wonderful Philers in honor of your contribution!

For Spooky Awards updates, go here --
(You don't need to have a LiveJournal account to access it.)

For information about the 2004 Spookys, go here --

To submit a story for the 2005 Spookys (posted to the ATXC newsgroup after December 31, 2004), go here:

Don't forget to read the rules:

To post to ATXC and submit to the Spookys at the same time, use the ATXC-Posting Interface:

alice ttlg, coordinator
and the Spookys Committee

2005 Spookys site up, still time to submit stories for 2004 [06 Jan 2005|04:34pm]

The 2005 Spookys website is up and running. If you've posted a story to ATXC since January 1st, you can submit it to the 2005 awards thru the submission form at the site:

2005 Spooky Awards

If you posted a story to ATXC between October 2, 2003 and December 31, 2004, you still have time to submit it to the 2004 awards. We're accepting submissions (and changes to already submitted stories) for 2004 thru January 15, 2005. But remember, that's only for stories posted to ATXC by December 31, 2004. Visit the 2004 awards website:

2004 Spooky Awards

We will announce the nomination/voting schedule soon!

2004 Spooky Awards: DEADLINE CHANGE [14 Sep 2004|07:00pm]

We're changing the deadline for submitting stories and posting them to the atxc newsgroup from October 1, 2004 to December 31, 2004, midnight US east coast time. It's been a problem trying to get everything done during the Thanksgiving and Christmas times so we're extending this year's awards to the end of the calendar year.

Please note that is the deadline for both posting to atxc AND submitting them to the Spookys. So please get your submissions in by December 31, 2004 and make sure to check your submission - if you need any revisions or corrections, contact us by that date as well.

We haven't finalized the nomination/voting schedule yet. We'll announce that when we get closer to the December 31 deadline. It will be similar to last year's voting schedule, just shifted three months.

This change in the deadline is a permanent one; the 2005 Spookys will be for stories posted to atxc from January 1, 2005 thru December 31, 2005.

Please feel free to pass this message on to any interested parties.

If you have any questions, please use the Contact form at the Spookys website to talk to us:


Downtime for Spooky Awards server [11 Jul 2004|12:41am]

No, the Spooky Awards isn't dead! The server that's hosted on is moving to a new datacenter, only the datacenter forgot to tell my host or me before they pulled the plug and put it on the truck. :(

It should be back up sometime Sunday July 11 with all parts intact. And happily, I did my weekly backup early on Saturday so everything's safe and sound.

Keep an eye on voxpopulli for any updates.

Banners for winners up on the Spookys site! [25 Jan 2004|06:51pm]

It's tomorrow! *alice dodges rotten tomatoes* :)

Finally, at last, the Spooky banners for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners are up!  Go here:


Find the award you won, then click on the little green alien happy face, you'll see the banner, save it to your hard drive and upload it to your website.  The banners are 300x105.  If you'd prefer something smaller, there are generic 1st, 2nd and 3rd place buttons at the bottom of the page which are 120x45.  Or you can use text on your site or feel free to make your own button or banner.

Apologies for the huge delay on this, real life has been conspiring against me.  But I'm temporarily out of work so I've finally had time to catch up on this and lots of other cyber things.

Now back to checking more things off my to-do list!

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