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2005 Spookys site up, still time to submit stories for 2004

The 2005 Spookys website is up and running. If you've posted a story to ATXC since January 1st, you can submit it to the 2005 awards thru the submission form at the site:

2005 Spooky Awards

If you posted a story to ATXC between October 2, 2003 and December 31, 2004, you still have time to submit it to the 2004 awards. We're accepting submissions (and changes to already submitted stories) for 2004 thru January 15, 2005. But remember, that's only for stories posted to ATXC by December 31, 2004. Visit the 2004 awards website:

2004 Spooky Awards

We will announce the nomination/voting schedule soon!
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