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2004 Spookys Open Nominations! & Volunteers needed!

Open Nominations for the 2004 Spooky Awards begin WEDNESDAY, April 27th! You can start voting at 12:01 a.m. Eastern time.

Go here to read the eligible stories:
and in the Indexes or Search Results, there's a link for each story, "NOMINATE THIS STORY", just click on that to go to the nomination form for that story.

You can nominate as many stories as you want in this round! Authors - please nominate your stories in all the categories you think are appropriate and readers too, you may find a category that the author has missed.

Voting in the Open Nominations phase will end at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesday, May 4th -- so you have eight days to read and vote! Get to it!

FYI, the "NOMINATE" links won't appear before voting begins, and they'll disappear after voting ends so if you don't see that link, then nominations haven't begun yet or they've already ended. Plus there will be a countdown on the 2004 Spookys home page as well.

Selective Nominations will begin approximately two weeks after Open Nominations have closed, specific dates will be announced prior to the start of Selective Nominations.

We need volunteers! You can be a part of the voting process by joining the Volunteers list here:

It's not terribly hard work, it's helping with the nomination process to verify that stories fit the categories they're nominated in, for example, an AU where Mulder and Scully are comedians nominated in the Investigation genre or an MSR story nominated in the Mulder/Krycek slash category and there's no mention at all of Krycek. You don't have to read every story in full, mainly it's just skimming them to make sure they fit - of course this can also be a fun way to read more of the stories too!

If you have an aversion to a specific type of story, we'll work around it as much as possible and you'll earn our undying gratitude as well as get your name on the Spookys Webpage of Wonderful Philers in honor of your contribution!

For Spooky Awards updates, go here --
(You don't need to have a LiveJournal account to access it.)

For information about the 2004 Spookys, go here --

To submit a story for the 2005 Spookys (posted to the ATXC newsgroup after December 31, 2004), go here:

Don't forget to read the rules:

To post to ATXC and submit to the Spookys at the same time, use the ATXC-Posting Interface:

alice ttlg, coordinator
and the Spookys Committee
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