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Lara Means

Spookys 2005: The 10th (almost) Annual Awards!

Hard to believe, isn't it? The 2005 Spooky Awards will be the 10th time they've been awarded! (The Spookys began in 1995 and have been awarded annually except for 1997. That's why this is the 10th time, not the 11th time.)

Anyway... Hi, I'm Lara Means, and I'll be the Coordinator of the Spooky Awards for 2005!

It's now a little more than six weeks until the 12/31/05 deadline for posting your stories to the newsgroup so they'll be eligible for this year's Spookys. You actually have until 1/15/06 to submit your stories to the Spooky Awards site, but the posting deadline is FIRM!

So this is a reminder to make sure you do that! If you have questions about how to get your stories to atxc or how to submit them to the Spookys, go to and click on Rules, FAQ or Submit; if you still have questions after that, click on Contact.

Also... I'm in need of HELP!!! in running this thing. Right now, I could use a few good people to serve on the Committee to help iron out a few things that came up last year, and one or two website guru-types to help with that. (alice ttlg will continue to host the Spookys website and maintain the auto-archive system, but I'm a total idiot with the rest of it. If you're not, I *need* you!) If you're interested, post a comment here or email me at spookys2005-at-earthlink-dot-net and we'll talk!

Please forward or copy this post to any other mailing list or message board you frequent -- help spread the word! Thanks!

Lara Means, Coordinator
2005 Spooky Awards
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