Lara Means (larameans) wrote in spookyawards,
Lara Means

'Bout damn time!

Finally! I've just spent nearly two whole weeks without a computer! (Except at work, of course, but I try not to do personal stuff at work... no, really!) That's why there've been no posts or updates or reminders or anything from me lately. So, to make up for lost time...

Don't forget that the deadline for posting your stories to the ATXC newsgroup is Saturday, December 31st, at midnight eastern US time. You have until January 15th, 2006, to submit your stories, but the posting deadline is firm!

If you don't know how to get your stories to ATXC, check out the Rules at the 2005 Spookys site. And please, feel free to spread the word -- I haven't restored my newsreader access yet.

Lara Means
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