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Info Dump

Yet another anonymous person posted in the Comments section of my previous entry that they'd read speculation at Haven that the 2005 Spookys had been called off, since no one had posted any updates there. I responded that I don't frequent Haven, and relied on others who do to disseminate information there. Someone else (maybe?) anonymously replied:

It seems to me that if you are in charge of this project that it would be a responsibility to visit Haven


The Spooky Awards are given to stories posted at the newsgroup. Technically, that's the only place anybody running the awards should feel obligated to post any information or announcements. The fact that ATXC isn't the gathering place for the fandom that it used to be doesn't really matter; stories still have to be posted there to be eligible for the awards.

There really isn't a single gathering place for the fandom as a whole anymore. A segment gathers at Haven, a segment gathers at Fandomonium, there are smaller segments gathering at other message boards for other areas of the fandom. A large segment of the fandom doesn't participate at all except via mailing lists.

As Pattie pointed out in a signed reply (thanks, Pattie!), the Committee and I post updates to ATXC when we have updates to post. And, since alice set it up, I try to post here. And I always encourage people to pass information along. But I guess I need to say it officially/formally: check here and on ATXC for any and all updates and new information, and feel free to pass it along anywhere else you gather.

As always, feel free to email me directly with questions (, or post a comment here. You can continue to post anonymously if you want, since that's how alice set it up and I'm not inclined to change it; just know that it's easier for me to relate to people when I know who I'm talking to.

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